Smarter Project Estimates for Agile Teams

Use pre-built user story libraries, crowdsourced feature estimates, and Forecastr’s proprietary confidence calculator to create incredibly accurate project budgets.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Leverage your sales and strategy team—with Forecastr you can create accurate project forecasts with less strain on your engineering team.

Accurately Forecast with Crowdsourced Data

Create forecasts that are more accurate than ever before by leveraging Forecastr’s libraries of crowdsourced user story estimates.

Forecastr’s Confidence Calculator™ measures crowdsourced data against your forecast to give you an even more accurate outlook of how long your project will take.

Integrates with Popular Project Management Tools

There’s no need to onboard your team to new project management software.

Understand Scope Like Never Before

Create visualizations of each stories’ value and risk to help you better determine where your priorities are.

Total support for Agile teams—turn user stories on and off to see how they impact budget and timeline.

Built by engineers, for engineers.